Superkul Studio

Design studio based
in Zadar, Croatia.

SuperKul Studio is a design agency based in Zadar. We specialize in graphic design and visual communications. We like to emphasize that we approach every project with a basic principle – to present design as communication. Every project we design has its own why and because.

Our creative studio is enthusiastic, loves clear communication and is obsessed with details. We do everything with passion because we love the process of creation and truly believe in the power of visuals to change things and achieve communication goals. We create stories that have their own soul, and the goal is to create a design that is not only beautiful, but also smart.

The primary goal is to design and tell a story which makes your brand competitive in the marketplace and shapes your go-to-market strategy towards positive influence. Regardless of whether it is an individual product or a series of products, our solutions form a communication of a complete identity or service towards the target group. 

From start-ups to large corporations, we support a wide range of SuperKul (supercool) clients by helping them build creative and meaningful design solutions. We look forward to work together on your project, we only ask you to believe in it as we will do.

What we do:
Visual identities
Design and development of brands
Digital solutions
Communication strategies and campaigns
Photo and video production
Web design

You can find out more about us here.